I’m reading The Phoenix Project, a novel about IT & DevOps. In the first chapter it was already incredible relatable. I’m going to be posting some quotes over the time I read it because some of them are gems.

A developer jamming in an urgent change so he could go on vacation… Situations like this only reinforce my deep suspicion of developers: They’re often carelessly breaking things and then disappearing, leaving Operations to clean up the mess.

  • The Phoenix Project, Chapter 3, page 39

Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been caught by this. “It’s just a simple logging change, really, that CAN’T have broken the system.” Only to find out that it did. Shame shame I know your name.

This book, coupled with Continuous Delivery (A Martin Fowler book, by Humble & Farley, Addison Wesley) is shaping my enterprise knowledge more than ever.

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